What you repeat you manifest

Published by Tisha Ladia

January 23, 2023

Our lives will always move in the direction of our primary thoughts. The Law of Attraction needs to know what we want and where we want our lives to be. The only way to do that is to allow our primary thoughts to drive us down the path. 

When you start thinking about what you want, such as a new job, you start thinking about all the steps you should take to get a new position. We may start looking on a job site for companies looking to hire in the industry where we are skilled. As we look for opportunities, we start talking to our family and friends and ask them if they know of a job that might be available. The more we search, the more we speak; this becomes our primary thought process.

As we focus on the new job, we may visualize what the new job looks like. What kind of office and people may we work with? We can go as far as visualizing a move to a new location if that is what we are hoping for. The more we visualize, the more we repeat the thoughts, so they become our primary thoughts. That pushes us to take action, feel the process, and eventually manifest what we desire. 

I used this process for a new job when starting with my new firm. It was in the same industry I was already working in, but I was looking to branch out to become an independent agent, and I decided the best way to do that would be to start at a new firm. It started just as a thought I focused on a few times a day for a few weeks. It eventually led me to meet my new boss, who, in the beginning, was my manager. I started at the beginning of 2022 with this new firm, and apparently, the Universe had more in store for me. While working as an agent with my manager, I started to look for another job to supplement my income as I built my sales career. I was looking for an administrator position and kept looking on the various job sites. One day, I couldn't believe my eyes; there was a posting for an administrator position with my current manager. Wow! I already enjoyed working with her. How fun would it be to work for her?  

I discussed this opportunity with those in the office that day, and they all encouraged me to apply. The next day, my manager was in the office, and I asked for one final sign from the Universe that I was supposed to switch from a salesperson to a full-time administrator and apply. I asked to see a bird. Immediately, a bird flew up across the street. I knew I had to say something. The even more exciting part is that my manager had just told the Universe she would love it if one of her agents wanted the position. She also felt she shouldn't ask for this as there is less income working as an administrator than what could be earned as a salesperson. However, it is more regular than an agent. She was as happy as I was to apply and take the position. This is why I call work my 'Happy Place.'

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