Self-Love Comes First

Published by Tisha Ladia

February 13, 2023

Self-Love is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Just like you are told on an airplane, "put your oxygen mask on first before your child," you need to provide yourself with love before giving it to others. I have talked about this before and will continue to talk about it until we all believe it.  

I can hear it now; you say, "but it is so much easier to give to others and not myself." You are right, but when you truly love yourself and show yourself love, it radiates into the world faster and is felt, not just heard from those you love. 

For example, you love your job and look forward to going to work every day. Then, suddenly, your boss is all over you because there is a looming deadline, and more work is needed. The more stressed your boss is, the more they stress you out until you can think of nothing other than how stressed you are. You become so stressed that you stop taking care of your needs. You may skip breakfast or pull your hair up instead of taking time to do it for the day. When you stop taking care of yourself, your mood continues to slide until you have no love for anyone, not yourself, your family, no one. You work, sleep, and repeat. 

Now if we turn this example around, what if you take the time to eat breakfast in the morning? Now you feel refreshed and can focus on the day. With this new energy, you find a positive mindset and can find a quicker solution to the problem on the way to work. At work, you share the solution and save the day. Now the boss is no longer stressed, their stress is not resonating down the line, and everyone can have a love for themselves and their job again.  

What a difference starting the day with self-love can make. Loving yourself can be in the form of meditation, getting yourself a treat at the market, or even getting an extra 15 minutes of sleep at night. So take the time today and give yourself some love. Show yourself the kind of love you give your family and friends daily. You are worth it. 

For those of you who are single and want to attract the next love, the more you take care of yourself, the more it is seen and felt by others, and they are attracted to that. Have you ever noticed that when you are in a relationship, suddenly, other suitors come out of the woodwork? People you never knew were interested in you, suddenly asking to take you out? Well, that is because you are emanating love. Now imagine if you emanate love for yourself and focus on just being happy as you are. You will attract love and not even realize it. 

It happened to someone I know. They were out living and loving themselves, and love suddenly appeared where they least expected it. It might not happen immediately, but it will appear when you least expect it when you stop focusing on finding love and loving yourself. Give it a try. 

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