Practice Gratitude Daily

Published by Tisha Ladia 

February 16, 2023

Love begins with gratitude. Being grateful for everything we have can charge our day with positivity. Louise Hay said she was grateful from the moment she woke up by being thankful for her mattress and a good night's sleep. 

It is so easy to forget the morning gratitudes. It has happened to me for many days. I snooze the alarm too long and have to rush to get ready, so I can get the house ready for the day. When I am finally in my car, I realize I have forgotten. How do I change this? I now have a corkboard/vision board in my hallway that I must pass by before I get dressed. I spend a few minutes in front of it and take time to say my daily affirmations and envision myself with the things I am trying to manifest. 

Or, when I am in the shower, I have a conversation (in my mind) with The Universe. Sometimes I get answers, and other times I realize my mind won't calm enough to hear the messages. These are the days when I know I need to get moving, saying my gratitude as I do each task. Such as, I am grateful for the ability to pay the water bill for this warm shower. I am thankful for the electricity to use the lights and the hairdryer. You get my point. 

There is always something we can be grateful for, even when we are busy or struggling with aspects of our lives that are currently out of our control.   The only thing in life that we can control is ourselves and our space. So take the time to control your thoughts towards gratitude. If you can't do it where you are, move to a place where you can have calm and peace. When the house is too busy, loud, or negative, I hop in the car. I turn on the music, and I drive. I drive till my mind slows down, and I start to relax. Once relaxed, I can have those conversations with The Universe about my gratitude and wait to hear the messages. 

How do you start your day with gratitude?

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