Gratitude Changes Everything

Published by Tisha Ladia

February 25, 2023

A great way to feel love is to feel gratitude, and the best way to feel gratitude is to be grateful for the things already in your life. 

I know how hard it can be to feel grateful when things in your life seem to fall apart. Today I was cosmically reminded that 25 years ago, my mom passed away suddenly in a car accident. When she died, it affected my family in ways I never knew it could. My dad was driving, so he felt a tremendous amount of guilt. He had had a heart attack just five months earlier and thought that he should have died then so she would not have been in the car with him and she would still be alive. I tried to tell him that I knew then there was a purpose to how it all turned out, and for me, that purpose was to get to know my dad better without my mom as the middle person in our relationship. 

For me, the guilt came because a week prior, my husband and I were on a VERY slow computer; after all, it was 1998. My mom tried to instant message us through our AOL chat, but because my husband and I were on a mission looking for something, we closed the popup message and didn't respond. That would have been the last time I could have communicated with my mom. That guilt stayed with me until I started having readings after my husband passed nearly seven years ago.  

It is amazing how every time we lose someone, we are reminded how short life is and to not take things for granted. However, as life goes on, we all fall back into a routine, start taking things for granted and lose our connection with gratitude. Then the next time we lose someone else, we are reminded that life is short and treasure every moment. 

It's time to remind ourselves daily that life is short and not forget this as we have in the past. Remind yourself daily to be grateful for everything from your bed helping you get a good night's sleep to getting through a day even if you struggled every minute. If you look hard enough, you can be grateful for just about anything, and when you focus on gratitude, you can change your emotions and feel better with each and every one. 

Can you find at least ten things to be grateful for today? Give it a try. 

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