Time to Notice the Little Miracles

Published May 22, 2023 // by Tisha Ladia

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The Universe reminded me this weekend that I must be open to noticing the small miracles they are giving me to get to the big miracle. Are you paying attention and showing gratitude for your small miracles?

You don't start running a marathon in just one day, running 26 miles. You start with the baby steps and work up to the full marathon. The Universe does the same thing. They bring you small miracles to get you where you want to be.  

My small miracles this weekend were based on my request to the Universe not to keep living paycheck to paycheck. I started the weekend trying not to stress as I sat down to pay my bills. I have a budget and payment spreadsheet, and as I began to figure out what bills I can cover from this paycheck, I noticed that I was able to skip two bills as they are not due this month; whew, that means I can pay other accounts that I thought might not be able to pay till next paycheck. Because of my panic, I did borrow a little from my vacation savings. With hints from the Universe, I also got a few bills set on budget plans, so they are more consistent, and one isn't due for June or July, saving me money for the vacation. YAY!!!

The next miracle was given to me by my wonderful family and nephews. While they are doing their grandfather's mowing every week for the summer, they have offered to do my yard too. And the blessing is that not only do I not have to worry about my physical issues by trying to mow the yard myself, but they aren't charging me. That took so much weight off my shoulders that I started bawling with gratitude in front of my checkbook. 

At this moment, I thanked the Universe for teaching me this lesson and asking me to share this message with you. If you don't notice the little miracles they bring into your life and show your gratitude for each one, it takes much longer to get to the bigger miracle you ask of the Universe. Imagine if all I ever did was ask the Universe to win the lottery. If I kept asking and playing but never won, I would get discouraged and think the Universe was conspiring against me. But just by asking for financial gains, I am seeing them come. Not in the way I would expect, but in ways the Universe thinks is best for me. And guess what....the Universe is always right!

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