The Universe says: "It's time to reach out"

Published by Tisha Ladia

February 7, 2023

Have you ever noticed that someone will pop into your mind randomly and keep popping up until you reach out to them? When this happens, The Universe is saying, "it's time to reach out."  

Names popping up for me are happening more frequently as I become better connected to the Universe. I will randomly be working on a project, and a word or face will suddenly appear in my mind's eye. I know this means I have to reach out to them. It doesn't matter if it is a text, phone call, or handwritten note. Every time I follow this message, I discover that the person I reached out to needed to hear from me or someone. 

I had one person I reached out to in the fall who didn't return my call the first time I called. So I tried again a week later when their name came into my mind again. Still nothing, so I sent a text message saying I was thinking of them and that if they needed anything, please let me know. It turned out this person was going through a medical diagnosis they recently received, they weren't ready to talk, but the messages I left them lifted their spirits each time. 

Another time, I sent someone an 'I'm thinking of you text,' and they picked up the phone to call me immediately. They were having a rough time with an extended family member and setting boundaries. They knew me well enough to know that my call meant they needed to talk it through with me, as I would lend an ear and shoulder for them to lean on.  

I don't always think of people having a difficult time. Sometimes, the person on my mind is going through an incredible journey and wants to share their experience with someone. Periodically, I will send a handwritten birthday card to brighten a day. It tells those I know and love, "I am thinking of you." 

However it is that you hear the message, whether it is a song that makes you think of someone, their name is mentioned in a group, and you realize it has been a while, or you suddenly have their name in your mind like an epiphany, make sure you follow through and reach out to them. It will do wonders for both of you. Also, know that you are on my mind if I reach out. 

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