The Universe has my back

Published by Tisha Ladia

February 10, 2023

About a year ago, I began writing down morning affirmations geared to my business goals. The trouble with that was that as much as I wanted them, I didn't believe I could achieve them. So I slowly changed the morning affirmations to ones related to my personal life. I still had a common theme, though, of financial security. As I was writing them for the second or third time for the year, I suddenly had an epiphany that while I was not flooding with money as I wanted, I was making all my bills and was finding creative ways to not be without when I went out with friends. It suddenly hit me; I can do this because The Universe Has My Back! 

As these epiphanies/downloads/realizations came to me, I immediately wrote them down. This piece of paper has been where I can see it since I wrote it. It is amazing how it applies each and every day of my life. 

When I was done, I called my stepmom and told her about this message from the Universe. When I finished my story, she informed me that there is a book on the market by Gabby Bernstein called: The Universe has your back. (see the book suggestions page for links and my summary of the book)

I believe the Universe has your back; all you have to do is Believe and follow the path the Universe leads you on. 

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