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Holistic in Mystic - Winter Solstice Meditation

December 21st, 6:30 pm

Today is the day to connect with your inner selves and the higher beings in the Universe!

It is time to awaken that spiritual consciousness with the sounds of ancient healing vibrations of the crystal bowls, Reiki energy, eat yummy food from Karma Kitchen and mingle with like-minded humans! The Winter Solstice reminds us that it's OK to go into spiritual hibernation, have self-reflection, intentions and purpose! Click the link for more details.

Full Moon Breathwork Journey - Letting Go

December 9th, 7 pm

December is a great time of the year to let go of things that no longer serve you as we approach the New Year to come. We will be working with the full moon energy to release and let go to be able to make room for all that is to come in the year ahead. Treat yourself to a high vibe Friday evening going deep and letting that s*** Gooooo! You will have a quick intro to breathwork (no experience necessary!), Guided Journaling and a beautiful self-care stress busting breathwork journey guided by Amy. Click the link for more details.