Actions are Affirmations

Published May 8, 2023 // by Tisha Ladia

Affirmations are more than positive statements to attract what you want. Affirmations are also the complaints you make, your decisions, and the actions you take every day of your life. If you want to lose weight but decide not to exercise, that is an affirmation that you don't want to lose weight. If you want a new job but decide not to look for one hoping the right one will find you, that is an affirmation that you don't want a new one.

This message hit home today when I read it in the 'Trust Life' book I mentioned in previous posts. I have been trying to will myself and manifest for myself to lose weight for a while now. I have tried a few programs and keep returning to picking up food on my way home from work as I don't enjoy cooking. By doing this, I am not affirming in every way that I want to lose weight and feel better. I am so glad I read this message today. I know the Universe spoke to me when I needed it most. 

As of today, I am back on a program and plan to do some yard work tonight as my exercise. I will also make my intentions public, so all my friends and family can help hold me accountable this time. It is too easy to stray when you need more support. I know this all too well. So if you see me doing something that is not the right direction for my desire, please call me out on it. It's time for my actions to affirm what I want.  

Are your actions affirming what you want in life? Is there something you should change? Start small. Every small change adds up to the significant changes you want in your life. Also, remember, keep going, as many of us do, before the considerable change comes. We all tend to do that and say, 'Oh well, it's not working .'It is working if you keep going. When it finally arrives, you will feel like it took no time. Keep moving forward.  

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