Thoughts and words of love, attract love

Published by Tisha Ladia

February 14, 2023

It is incredible how much love you draw to yourself when you speak and think all words and thoughts with love. You don't have to agree with everything others are saying, but if you let them express their truth and love them with kindness, you will bring love into your life faster. 

When I started listening to 'The Secret' on Audible by Rhonda Byrne, I began to pay attention to every word I said and thought. I hadn't realized until then that I used so many negative words toward myself and others. I have since learned to rephrase everything as I catch myself into a positive thought or expression.

We all like to hear positive words from others, so we should also give them. Even if someone is driving you nuts or frustrating you from their lack of consideration, think kind thoughts if you can't say something kind. By using kind thoughts, the Universe will know you are being positive and bring positivity back to you. 

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