Affirmation Health & Weight Loss

We all have our own health and weight loss journeys to go through. These have helped me and I know my weight loss journey is for a lifetime so I will keep adding to this page.  

<I am losing weight.  I am slim and fit.  I always take care of my body.> affirmation
<I am motivated to lose weight and become healthy> affirmation
<I find it easy to lose weight> affirmation
<I am completely focused on losing weight> affirmation
<Losing weight is not just about having an attractive body, but more importantly, about having a healthy body and mind> AFFIRMATION
<I am happy with my body, my heart, and my soul.> affirmation
<I am learning how to love my body.> affirmation
<My health and my life is improving> affirmation
<I am building trust in myself that I am strong and capable of living a healthy lifestyle> AFFIRMATION
<Choosing to eat healthy foods gives me the power to control my health> affirmation
<The strength I get from exercising daily will help me in all aspects of my life> affirmation
<I enjoy being active and moving my body because it makes me feel strong> affirmation