The Beginning of My Spiritual Journey

Dreams have always been the best place for me to hear from loved ones. I have heard from my mom many times in dreams since her passing in 1998. I understand now that if it is indeed a message from across the veil, we will remember every detail of the dream as if it was real because it is real at the soul level. 

My life changed unexpectedly in 2016 with the passing of my husband, and I wanted answers. I was angry at losing him, although I knew it meant he was out of the pain he suffered daily. I tried to find ways to connect with him and receive messages. In the beginning, I had many dreams with him, and they were not as joyful as they are now. 

Because of my grief, the messages weren't giving me the answers I wanted. I searched elsewhere and began talking to psychics, mediums, and family members on their spiritual journeys. The most impactful and helpful reading I had, a medium described my husband playfully coming through, hiding behind his mom, and jokingly playing around with her. I laughed and cried as I knew that it was him. He was so delighted to be with his mom again.

My Biggest Breakthrough

The most significant breakthrough I have had in my journey was in 2021. I was helping a close friend find a house to buy about an hour away. While driving, I listened to the book 'The Secret' instead of listening to music or chatting on the phone. I was amazed at all the messages that resonated with me—things I needed to do to improve my life. Especially to retrain my thoughts to be positive vs. negative. 

Right after I finished the book and started practicing the methods, I crossed paths with my current boss/mentor and found that many people in her offices were like-minded. Not only in building and keeping relationships but also in how they are all going through various levels of spiritual awakening. I knew I had to change companies and work with this particular group of individuals. Changing companies led to going from a commission-only position to a full-time paid career helping others in real estate. Work has become my happy place. 

Meaningful Realizations

I have found my passion. I get to talk about spirituality, business, social events, etc., throughout my day. It is amazing. At the beginning of 2021, we were asked to write down why we were selling real estate while attending a conference. These why's cover family, recreation, community, and personal areas. One of my why's was to create a Spiritual group where we can all get together locally or via zoom to discuss our journeys and share everyone's knowledge to help each other grow. 

Each person has different interests, and sharing our journeys can help others. It's time for us to no longer be afraid to discuss things that everyone does not always accept.