What you Focus on, Manifests

Published Jan 16, 2023 // by Tisha Ladia

What you focus on manifests. During my work day today and while catching up in my online class with Gabby Bernstein, 'Manifesting Challenge,' I heard multiple messages reminding me that what we focus on manifests and not to give up. 

1st Message 

Do you know what your RAS (Reticular Activating System) is? Your RAS is the part of your brain that filters out unnecessary information, so the important stuff gets through. It is the reason you can watch a movie multiple times and see something different every time you watch the movie. It is also the reason when what you are focusing on, you suddenly see it everywhere. 

For example, you are looking to buy a new car. You research the vehicle, and while researching, you suddenly see the make and model of the car everywhere you go. You may have thought previously that the particular car was rare in your area, but now it seems it is the most commonly purchased vehicle. This is because your RAS is no longer filtering out the cars on the road; it is bringing them to the forefront of your thoughts. 

2nd Message

Gabby Bernstein - Manifesting Challenge - Day 14 is all about Driftwood. Gabby said that Abraham-Hicks called the subtle signs that show you that what you want is on its way is called driftwood. These subtle signs can be anything like I described above which our RAS is now not filtering out.  

Gabby Bernstein also says when we see this driftwood, we should "notice it, write it down. Tell your friends. Talk about it. Get excited about it." We need to "Pay attention to the coincidences, guidance and wild synchronicities that show up in your life, and see them as driftwood. Celebrate them, pay attention to them, and document them."

3rd Message

I recently found online a new bedroom set that is exactly what I told myself I would buy when the time was right to both downsize and replace my worn-out mattress. Well, that time is quickly approaching as I can't get comfortable these nights. I now see this particular bedroom set on ads on Facebook and Instagram every time I am online. 

During my research, I noticed the price was a sale price. I began wondering if the furniture company was discontinuing it, so I went to the furniture store this weekend to look at it in person. I loved it even more and put a small, refundable deposit down on the set. This allows me the time to sell my current set to pay for a portion of the new set and to make space for the new set. 

Today, as I was looking at new for-sale listings online for my job, I noticed in two of the latest listings bedroom sets very similar to the one I want in the house photos. This is my driftwood. It is my sign not to give up, as it is coming.  

Too often, many of us, myself included, would take signs like this and start to feel they were just signs that what we want is too far out of reach and that we should give up. How often have you wanted something and said to yourself, "I want that so bad, but it just isn't coming? I guess I don't deserve it. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. I guess I will settle for what I have instead."

By ignoring the RAS signs and driftwood and by talking so defeatedly to ourselves, we are stopping the Universe from bringing to us what is already in the works. Do you want to stop it just before it arrives? I know I don't. I will let you know when I get my new bedroom set. 

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