To Receive Messages you need to be open to Receive

Published Feb 2, 2023 // by Tisha Ladia

I watched a video today with Mike Dooley and Sonia Choquett. Sonia is a teacher and author who trains people to connect to their spirit and trust their vibes.  

Sonia Choquett said: To receive messages, we must be open to hearing the messages.

Messages from the Universe come when we ask for them. It is just a matter of us being open to receiving them. Are we meditating and allowing for the answers to come? Are we grounding ourselves and putting ourselves into a peaceful place to receive the messages? Or are we just asking the question, and when we don't get the answer we want or don't get the answer at all, are we just giving up and saying that the Universe doesn't hear us?

The good news is that messages will come when we are meant to get them. However, the messages may come from somewhere other than where we expect them. The message can come from the Universe during meditations. Or it can be given to you directly by a friend, colleague, or even a therapist during a conversation. Remember, The Universe has a great sense of humor, so the message may even come from a repetitive advertisement on Google, an ad in the game you are playing on your phone, or social media.

Let me give you an example; when we are facing a challenging time in our lives, we may vent the situation to our friends and family. When they offer advice, if we aren't open to hearing solutions, we say, 'no, that won't work,' or 'no, I don't want that.' And the more suggestions they make, the more we say no.  

Then when we finally get to a place where we are so tired of feeling the way we do about a situation that isn't yet resolved, we decide it's time to be open to solutions to get through the challenge. Now, when we hear the same things we heard before, we genuinely listen to them. 

I have had this happen to me many times over the years. For example, my late husband and I used to have a common argument where he felt I never listened to him. I would tell him about a situation I was going through at work, and he would immediately offer his opinion on how to handle the situation. Well, at this point, I was not open to hearing the answers. I needed to vent about the problem to get through my emotions and think logically. Since that didn't happen, I would vent with a friend, a colleague, or even my dad when he was still working. By the time I was done talking with everyone, I was able to get all my feelings out and hear their thoughts on the matter. Most of the time, I already knew what I wanted to do and what felt right to me, but to my late husband, it felt like I wasn't listening to him and only acted on it after I heard the solution from other people. The unfortunate part was, sometimes, it would be the exact resolution he had made to me.  

Knowing what I know now about myself and being open, I know that I just needed to get through the emotions so I could be open to the answers. 

Do you have an example of when you weren't open? How do you cope with getting through situations and being open to hearing the necessary messages? 

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