Cosmic Superhero and Partner

Published by Tisha Ladia

February 1, 2023

Sometimes it is just a matter of how you think. The book The Secret Daily Teachings message for day 32 is about the Universe being our Cosmic Partner. I see the Universe as a superhero, a partner I can rely on and give my utmost trust to. Who better to trust than The Universe?

I don't know about you, but I have struggled to put my trust in others for most of my life. I have been let down, unfortunately, by many people, even those I love, in one way or another. Is it because I expect too much? Or is it because I expected them to let me down, so I attracted the letdown into my life? I am still determining the answer to my trust issues and working on believing and trusting daily.  

So when I read the message today from The Secret Daily Teachings, it resonated with me, and I had to create this video message to share with the world. I have learned to trust in The Universe fully. No, I don't always get everything I ask for, but I usually end up with something better than I expected. Trying to force what I want by sheer will and doing everything in my power to make it happen doesn't always work out the way I had expected.  

For example, when I was getting ready to start my career in real estate a second time, I took a leap of faith that The Universe would help me make it work financially. However, after the last day of my full-time career as a Project Manager, I started to second guess myself, and panic set in about finances and how I would take care of everything for me and my daughter. So, when I was approached by a company that did the same thing as my project management company, about working part-time and not with clients so I could have more flexibility, I hesitated but decided to try it. The Universe knew it wasn't right for me, so they gave me every sign they could think of to tell me no. There were so many signs that appeared that when the time came for me to do the first rush job, I immediately had a panic attack. I resigned on the spot after only three days on the job.  

Since then, I have had times when finances were tight, but I always was able to pay the bills and move forward with my journey. Have you ever noticed that the same thing happens to you? You may need to use credit cards or rob Peter to pay Paul, but doesn't the Universe always help you figure out how to get things done till the next right job comes along or until you are gifted money? Just be grateful for every penny that comes your way; those pennies will turn into dollars and hundreds of dollars. I know that is what I trust The Universe to do for me. 

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