Terminology - The Universe vs God/Creator/Universe

Published by Tisha Ladia

January 27, 2023

I felt it was necessary to explain why I use the term The Universe vs. God or Creator or Source.  

Being brought up Christian and confirmed Catholic after I married my late husband, I know we are all made from God/Source/Creator. Everything that exists, exists because of God/Creator/Source. However, I also believe that we don't all merge back into a piece of God when we pass. I think our soul becomes part of the Universe, and at that time, we can evaluate our lives and see our loved ones, guardian angels, soul family, masters, etc. 

I use the term The Universe so that when I am talking/praying, I include all my loved ones across the veil, my guardian angels, masters, teachers, soul family, etc. I want to talk to them as much as I speak to God or Jesus. I am not trying to insult or upset anyone, this is my reasoning for my choice of words, and it works for me. Since I began using the term Universe in my meditations, it has helped open me up to hearing back from my communicators on the other side. 

The online article, Understanding God as Nature or The Universe, by Steve Patterson, details the God we all think of, like a person vs. God as all the Universe, etc. It is a long but good read for those who also struggle with which term to use in their meditations and prayers. 


Steve says:

Instead of God being a person acting in a more extensive system, it makes sense to talk about God as being the system itself. Nothing is outside of it, larger than it, or more powerful than it. Nothing is higher than God if God is the structure for all existence.

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