Spiritual Life Coaching

Published Feb 1, 2023 // by Tisha Ladia

What is a Spiritual Life Coach

The best explanation I found of a Spiritual Life Coach includes a list of skills, and can be found in the YouTube Video by Michelle Villalobos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwoHUE-EaXs&t=232s

I have summarized the Skills and Objectives from her video of what a Spiritual Life Coach does with what I can offer to you as your Spiritual Life Coach.  

  1. Help people see a different perspective - With my unique way of thinking and with my connections with the Universe, together we can find solutions for short-term issues and find ways to find a positive lesson in the challenge you are facing so you can attract a quick resolution and find your way back to a happier place. 
  2. Help people see blind spots - Because I will take the time to get to know you and I am not the one in the situation; I can see things you might not see and help to be the so-called 'devil's advocate' to your situation so you can see those blind spots. I also have a way of just knowing, which has been built into my human design, that can also lead you to a resource that never crossed your mind.
  3. Tell the truth - sometimes hearing the truth is hard and even harder to hear from those you love. Sometimes the people who love us the most struggle to tell us what we need to hear because they are afraid of upsetting us. Sometimes they are also the people we resist hearing the truth from the most. I promise always to tell you the truth in a loving and non-judgmental way. 
  4. Hold You Accountable - It is so easy to have a conversation with someone about what we need to do, and then we get home or into the situation again and decide that it is too hard; I'm just going to let it go or ignore it. If you are facing a lesson you are destined to have in this lifetime, the lesson will come again, so ignoring the situation will worsen the matter. Life coaches of all types will hold you accountable for what you say you will do so that you can move forward. 
  5. Help you to find the blessings in the most challenging and difficult times - It is not always easy to see why you have to go through something or to find positivity in a negative situation, especially when we are thinking with our emotions. A Spiritual Life Coach will help you find positivity and even guide you to using positive words to change your thoughts and attract the positive into your life. 

Necessary Skills 

  1. Being Neutral - This is where my skill of being a 'devil's advocate' comes in handy. I have done this all my life when talking with friends and family and have always given them something to think about from a non-emotional or flip side of the coin perspective. 
  2. Deep listening - This is listening to more than your words but also your body language and the things you seem not to be saying. I am very observant and will pay attention to everything so I can use my intuition to guide you through your specific challenge or to your goal.
  3. Developed their intuition - I have always been able to know things based on intuition. Close friends have even asked me, "What are you thinking or feeling before I lay it all out for you?" I can tell if you are not saying something that needs to be said. I am always working on tuning this further to help others. 
  4. Asks great questions - I will ask you the tough questions, the ones that you might have yet to think of or what might lead you to the insight you were seeking. 
  5. Don't Consult - In other words, I won't tell you what to do, but I will give you ideas, ask questions, and tell you scenarios I have been in or heard of that might provide you with insight into what resonates with you for your solution. 
  6. Patience and Understanding - Everyone is on their unique journey, and what you choose to do along your path is your choice. If you are still deciding whether to move toward the goal or resolve the challenge, that is your choice. I am merely here to offer you coaching that will improve your awareness of your blind spots and help you arrive at solutions that work for you when you are ready.

If you are interested in a Spiritual Life Coaching session, email me at info@angelsanddolphins.com for a free consultation to determine if my coaching will benefit you. 

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