I wish you could see yourself the way I see you 1/24/2023 - Video

Published by Tisha Ladia

January 24, 2023

This quote resonates with me so much that I remind myself daily not to judge myself more harshly than those around me. Being in an industry where I am always in pictures, photos, and posted to social media, whether on my page or others, this is so important to remind myself. 

When I see myself in the pictures, I see myself much differently than when I look at myself in the pictures I take on my phone. It could be how phone cameras work in that the forward-facing camera does something different than the camera on the back of the phone. Or it could be me judging myself harshly. Have you done this too?

As I state in the video, I tried to teach this lesson to my beautiful daughter too. I used the example of her being a bit nervous performing in a play in elementary school. I told her that all parents and families were there to watch the show and see every child through the same eyes of pride and love. We are there to see them perform and not judge any mistakes or hesitations they make.  

How do you look at those you love? With eyes that see past the weight they have gained, or they have cut their hair too short and are sensitive about it. We still love them, right? We don't care about their weight, hair, or anything except how we love them. So why can't we do this with ourselves?

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