Daily Rituals

Published Jan 5, 2023 // by Tisha Ladia

As I was doing my homework this morning, looking for ways to confirm or improve my connection with the Universe, I found this Daily Rituals blog post

What I found interesting about this post is that it reminded me that I am doing everything I should be doing to connect during my day and then some. The author suggests doing the following: 

Start your day with connection to the Universe

This matches the routine I learned from the book, The Secret, to say what I am grateful for before I get out of bed and my feet hit the floor. The gratitudes can be as simple as thanking the Universe for the air I breathe, that my heart is beating and my body is in perfect working order. Usually, that is about all I can muster until I get moving. 

Take Care of your Body

We all strive to do this every day, and I have focused on it since the new year started. It doesn't mean just eating healthy and exercising. It means we take care of everything from brushing our teeth in the morning to relaxing throughout the day when we are stressed. When I am stressed or frustrated, that is the time to close my eyes and breathe. It is not the best thing to do when in the middle of a heated discussion sometimes, but it does help me to remove the emotion and think logically.

Get Organized and Plan your Day

Organizing is me to a 'T.' I am a Virgo and plan for everything. I plan weeks and months in advance. So much so that I drive everyone I know and love crazy with it sometimes. I have a few Pisces in my life now that are trying to teach me to slow down and smell the proverbial roses. When talking to them, I try to remember that I need to only tell them one or two days in advance what I need or what they need.

Learn to take Inspired Action

Taking action is easy. Knowing if it is inspired is the hard part. You will always know if you have time to meditate before every action. Not all of us have that kind of time. Following the three steps above will help you to get and be connected throughout the day. I have also learned that inspired action is what I call my 'epiphanies'. I call them that, as they are usually a thought that comes from out of the blue. Like an angel or guide whispering it in my ear. 

Even better, I had an 'epiphany' this morning. I usually read "Notes from the Universe" daily emails from Mike Dooley. I love these and pay for the membership to get them on the weekends too. Out of the blue, I suddenly thought I needed to start writing 'Notes to the Universe.' I am still formalizing what these will look like but stay tuned for them to be a new page on this website and future emails. 

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