Change your words

Published by Tisha Ladia

January 12, 2023

Don't beat yourself up. We all use so many words each day. We often don't realize how negatively we say things that might attract negativity into our lives from the Universe. It's time to pay more attention to your words and reframe them to attract positivity.

When you are having a conversation with someone, have you ever thought to yourself this person has a lot going on that is bringing them down? Or I don't want to answer this call; this person always leaves me in a bad mood after a conversation—these individuals model behavior and words we need to focus on changing in our vocabulary.  

We all need to get things off our chest when life seems challenging. I know I do. I know I have to tell at least one person about anything causing negative emotions in my life or journal about it, so I can let it go. Once I finish venting, I can turn my thoughts and words towards positive things in my life and change my feelings so that I am happy and energized vs. any negative emotions I was feeling.  

When I started to notice the words I was using, I practiced using different words to re-phrase something in a better light. For instance, I struggle when my child asks for something, and I know I can't afford it. I must tell my child, sorry but we can't afford something. By telling her this, I am also telling the Universe I can't afford whatever it is, so don't bring me more money. Well, what can I do? 

The good news is that the Universe doesn't act immediately to everything you say. I can recover and correct this statement by internally saying, "I can afford this thing ."I also can then say any prosperity affirmations that come to mind. For example, money comes to me easily and effortlessly. As in my previous posts, for every negative statement you make, put out three positive statements. 

One more reminder is that you have to feel positive emotions when using positive words or thoughts. Unless you are feeling good and believing what you are saying, all the right words aren't going to bring the item into your life. So believe it, feel it and positively state it all. 

Let me know if you have trouble re-phrasing something into a positive statement. I would be happy to help you change the words. 

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