The 12 Week Year

BY Brian P. Moran

This is not a book to expand your spiritual knowledge, but it is a relevant book to help you accomplish your goals. I learned about this book from my boss. She is an inspiration to me in many aspects of my life. She challenged everyone in all our offices to read this book and reframe our mindset on our yearly goals. I then attended a book club meeting in the office to hear how others applied the process to their first 12 week plan of the 2023 year. I was so inspired that I finished reading the book in hours. The next day, I visited the website and signed up for the free mini-course (three short videos to get you through a quick summary of the process). The information was very helpful, and I quickly developed my plan for the first 12 weeks of 2023. I recommend reading this book if you need help building your business or personal goals. Reframing your mindset and shortening your yearly plan to only 12 weeks allows you to accomplish your goals and can supercharge your resolve to achieve the tasks daily and weekly. Another key to the process is having someone hold you accountable for all the assignments you determine need to be completed to achieve your goal. Find someone to share your plan with and meet with them at least once a month to review where you are and make adjustments. I hope you will find this book as helpful as I did. Note: When you are ready, visit to find the downloadable versions of the vision, the 3-year plan, and the weekly planner pages. 

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