Journey of Souls

BY Michael Newton, Ph.d.

I first learned about this book from reading 'My View from Heaven' by Sarina Baptista. It was a suggestion for her to read this book from her late son, J.T. Baptista. I immediately resonated with the book's title and wanted to learn more about what happens when we leave our human bodies. I have been listening to this on Audible and am amazed at how well it is written. The book details conversations between the doctor and patients, describing what happens when we enter the soul world. So much detail is given that you can picture the environment across the veil. One of the most interesting aspects for me was that the book confirmed that there are many universes out there and many spirits from other universes come to Earth to experience what it is like to have free will. This is a great book to read AFTER you read 'Many Lives, Many Masters' if you want more information on the Spiritual world. 

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