Why angelsanddolphins.com?

Published Nov. 28, 2022 // by Tisha Ladia

I chose this website name because I have been drawn to angels and dolphins ever since I can remember. I think of myself as having a kindred spirit with dolphins; they are my spirit animal. Recently, as I started building this website, I googled spirit animals and took many tests on various sites to determine if I have the dolphin as a spirit animal. The results were mixed. 

The first site I visited had a questionnaire to fill out. The site mentioned that a spirit animal chooses you. It will be present the most when you journey through meditation, day dreams, night dreams, etc. The site also said that the animals come to you in a physical form, and you will notice them as there will be multiple encounters in a short period.  


Interestingly, my questionnaire results determined I am a sea turtle. Although my soul tells me I am a dolphin, I found the test results refreshing, being I was still a sea animal. Click here to take the same questionnaire I took


Next, I took a Celtic Spirit Animal quiz. Now this one seemed like many quizzes you can play for fun on any social media. However, my results showed me as a Celtic Dolphin. I was grateful it matched how I feel. Click here to take the same quiz.  


I don’t remember the site I visited last, but the results showed that I was a seahorse. All three had the same theme. I find this interesting because one of the places I seem to connect the most for messages from the universe is in the water. Whether in the shower, tub, lake, or beach, water is a calming, relaxing way to become grounded so I can receive messages. 

Where do you connect the most? Do you take the time to listen to messages you might be receiving?