How do you start your day? 

Published Dec 17, 2022 // by Tisha Ladia

Have you ever thought about how you start your day and how it can lead to a good, bad, or fully connected day? Before I started this year and the journey I have been on, I never thought about it. I jumped out of bed, got myself ready, ran downstairs to get my daughter ready for her day, and then off to work, I ran. I was on autopilot.  

Now, when I look back to my daily life before I began every day with gratitude, I realize that being on autopilot left me having ordinary days. On the days when I struggled to get my daughter up when she didn't want to go to school, I would have a bad day. When I got to the office, I would change my mindset and focus on positivity around people, but they usually had the same ordinary workday on autopilot. 

Now, I spend the first few moments waking up before I leave the bed just thanking the universe for all it has provided me. I say, "thank you for the great night's sleep and waking to a quiet house." I say, "thank you to the barking dogs who love me so much they want me up with them." I even say, "thank you to those family members whom I have lost who visited me that night in my dreams."  

The key is to be grateful until you feel grateful. The more thank yous you say, the higher your vibration and spirit will go. The stronger the feeling, the more it helps to start the day in a good mood and stay in a good mood. Having trouble finding things to be grateful for? Hay House has these fantastic card sets that give you daily messages that you can use to guide your thoughts and gratitudes. Or, you can always visit my Affirmation page for more ideas.