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Meet Tisha

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Hi there! I'm Tisha. I have always been curious about the spiritual world. Even at eight years old, I recall asking my mom, "how do we know there is something else out there?" Like most people, I let my questions go unanswered and continued life. Now I am seeking those answers and as I learn I want to pass along the information to you so you can learn as well. I want to be your Resource to the Resources.  

Awaken Your Soul by Aligning Your Life Goals

My purpose is to share my spiritual journey through daily affirmations, blog posts, gratitude notes to the universe, and many other resources, and eventually events for you to explore. Let these pages guide you to achieve genuine positivity and happiness. Please explore away and let the content help you on your journey to self-discovery and connecting with the Universe.

When life gets hard, remember to go back to where you started. Reconnect with your inner self to figure out what you desire in life.

Through my journey, I am gaining knowledge from many sources, both local and virtual. As I learn from these resources, it is my goal to share the knowledge and be your resource to these resources. The knowledge also allows me to expand my skill set to help others through my Spiritual Life Coaching.

As a spiritual life coach, my primary focus revolves around guiding clients back to the fundamentals of spiritual practice.

Navigating through challenging times can often make it difficult to maintain a positive mindset, engage in journaling, or find solace in meditation to connect with the Universe. You may find yourself grappling with feelings of frustration, helplessness, or grief, which can manifest in various forms such as the loss of a loved one, going through a divorce, shattered dreams, financial struggles, and more.

I've traversed through similar struggles in my own life journey. In my early twenties, I experienced the turmoil of divorce. Subsequently, I found love again and spent two decades with my soulmate, only to tragically lose him in 2016. Amidst my own grief and the challenges of single parenthood, my child battled severe depression during her middle school years, compounded by the isolating effects of the COVID pandemic. There were countless nights where I found myself immersed in despair, tearfully praying for relief from the pain.

During these dark times, the Universe communicated with me in myriad ways. Earthly angels were sent to lend a compassionate ear as I poured out my anguish. Through subtle signs and synchronicities, the Universe guided me towards practices like meditation, spiritual readings, and journaling, enabling me to purge negativity from my mind and rekindle hope. This journey involved a fundamental shift in my thought patterns towards positivity and a profound recognition of my inherent worthiness of love. It was a process of returning to the basics.

Over the past eight years, I've frequently found myself revisiting these foundational practices. Now, with divine guidance, I'm compelled to share the wisdom of "back to the basics" with those who need it most, offering free classes and spiritual coaching sessions.

Through spiritual coaching, I assist individuals in navigating their darkest moments, reminding them to forge ahead using the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction.

Visit my calendar page to discover my bi-weekly "Back to the Basics" classes, where I impart the steps I take whenever I need to reset. If you're struggling to reshape your internal dialogue towards positivity, seeking guidance to break free from the cycle of negative self-talk, or simply longing for a compassionate listener to hold you accountable in embracing the basics daily, consider signing up for my personalized private sessions.

These sessions are tailored to your unique needs. While I'm not a licensed therapist, I provide a confidential, judgment-free space where you can freely express your truth and emotions, receiving guidance on integrating the basics into your everyday life seamlessly.

Remember, the path to overcoming grief and adversity lies in confronting them head-on. Ignoring these challenges only prolongs the pain. Sometimes, all it takes to catalyze positive change is having someone truly listen and offer unwavering support. Allow me to be that beacon of light for you on your journey to healing and transformation.

If you are interested in a session with me, please fill out the contact form on the contact page.